Friday, February 26, 2016

Shorter version of Birkin Flares

I was a second round tester for the Birkin Flares from Baste and Gather and loved them.  Being in Oz, I wanted a pair which I could wear now without expiring from heat stroke.  This is where I ended up:

They look horribly creased here, but they actually don't look that way as much in person.  They are made from a dark grey/black coated denim from Tessuti, of which there was only just enough left to eek out these shorts-cum-culottes.

I made my first Birkins slightly too lose in the waist / hip (due to fear of them being too tight...) and was determined not to made that mistake again and seriously pulled these in across the hips etc.  Not sure if it was too much or whether they are slightly too tight - though they are very comfortable.

The pulling just under the seat here might mean they are a bit tight?  I don't know...I fiddled with the a lot to reduce that and am pretty happy anyway.

I did want to make these wider legged but it really really didn't suit the fabric.  I think perhaps in a thicker denim (this is quite thin, but coated, so it creases annoying...) that might work?  All I really did in the end was reduce some of the adjustments to make them larger in the waist area, then cut them off under the knee and try and straighten out the more curvy line of the original Birkin leg.

I like them, wear them a fair bit and don't think I am done with this pattern yet!

Ciao for now...

I really must work out how to get some better pictures of these!!!

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